1. Make

    Hello, good writing. Yes, that brain fog is on the move, I think the hectic world is adding to it. In fact, I have tried to stop every day for nothing. A moment of silence, giving space to emptiness, it opens my world. If this empty space can be taken in nature, the better. I have work, that is, snowy nature, well, first of all, to sleep. ? Happy New Year and well!

    1. Anne Kukkohovi

      Thanks Make! Yes, much better for waders in the wild than at home with a laptop. ? And perhaps the awareness and understanding that nothing will end in the end. There is always something going on. I have to train that stop myself because I have something to improve on. I read somewhere that if even a minute? so one minute? time only focuses on breathing, learns the brain to calm down. And then that time can be increased in small increments, because it’s basically a learning process. Happy New Year!

  2. Saija

    I can fully identify with the brain fog! I just read somewhere that the coming menopause might also cause a brain fog as well as make things harder to start? For me, this may be the case as well ... somehow it came as a relief when I think that there may be an explanation for this fogging in between and I can't.

    1. Anne Kukkohovi

      Thanks for Saija's comment! I'm sure it's not an inaccessibility.? There have been a lot of us suffering from cerebral palsy last year in particular, and you can really find a lot of information on Google. Black feels that that foggy feeling is related to quite a few things. In my own life, that year of deaths 2017 was one of confusion and doing in the fog. I did, although nothing felt at all and the keys were lost every other day, the other day my purse in the freezer because I didn’t focus on what I was doing, but my mind was just elsewhere. And now, under pressure, I have repeated this sentence: A person can only be in one place at a time. And this applies to both physical presence and mental acuity. Halaus x

  3. Tarja

    Hello Anne! Better this year for all of us? The brain fog you're photographing threatens all telecommuters, I'm sure… It would be so nice to see you sometimes, right next door. PS. where are those lovely long boots from? Really beautiful. Be well! Terkuin Tarja

    1. Anne Kukkohovi

      Hey wonderful Tarja! Now if you ever miss those times when you worked together! Could at least brain fog the gang. ? The boots are a stylist's discovery, they have a wonderful color! These neighbors could see Maxil some beautiful day. ?

      1. Tarja

        That would be really nice! Take links when the right time? Puss!

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