The power of a smile?



Already in my model years I got a job because of My Smile. No, this is not just about looks, but also partly about attitude. I was an average model, not the type who gets the biggest deals or walks on the coveted catwalks. But at the time, I realized that a smile matters a lot. There are a lot of models that hit the forefront of high fashion specifically by being cool and smiling.

But the situation was different for me, I was the so-called. tavis, whose smile worked in the pictures, simple as that. I’ve always taken good care of my teeth, even though as a teenager I was fiercely opposed to braces that really should have been put in my mouth and not repaired the lineup later. The first impression of a person is made in a matter of seconds and almost all communication at the beginning of the encounter is non-verbal. It’s worth keeping in mind at job interviews, dates, talking situations, really everything. And now I don’t mean that everything should be prime. Fortunately, there is no such thing. Mistakes make a person interesting. But in a normal life, it’s worth thinking about your own body language that says a lot more about you than your words. And smiling is a powerful message to another person. If a smile makes you shy, think about what you could do about it.

But back to oral health. Every year you should go to the dentist to check that everything is fine. But as a rule, dentists do not focus on the aesthetic side of the teeth, it is handled by an oral hygienist. And while it’s not really nice to be open, it’s really worth it to brush your teeth at regular intervals. The well-being of the mouth is directly related to the well-being of the body. Inflammations lurking under the gums can maintain an inflammatory state in the body, which in turn predisposes to other ailments. It would make sense to say that if the gut is the body’s other brain, then the chewing gum is the third version.


Below are a few tips I got Glossin from the lovely staff. Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? When to use dental floss? There is a strong answer to these and many other questions:

1. In the morning, it is a good idea to brush your teeth immediately after waking up and toothpaste should only be spit out of your mouth (so do not rinse your mouth with water after brushing). This gives your teeth fluoride protection against the acid attack caused by breakfast. In the evening, it is also enough that the toothpaste is just spit out of the mouth. So forget the unnecessary burst!

However, if you want to brush your teeth after breakfast, then you have to wait 30 minutes until the acid attack is over. Why so? During an acid attack, the bacteria produce an acid that dissolves the protective enamel on the teeth and if the teeth are brushed then the enamel may be damaged.

2. The toothbrush cleans the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth as well as the chewing surfaces well, but the brush does not fit to clean the gaps because most of the teeth are often quite narrow. Food and bacteria accumulate in the uncleaned gaps, predisposing to disease, tartar formation, and perforation. That is, floss for use.

3. Once a day is enough to floss between the teeth. When the application is done in the evenings BEFORE brushing, the interdental spaces are clean and the fluoride toothpaste can also be affected. That is, let's go to sleep with the cleanest teeth possible. I have to admit, it took me a while to remember this dental floss rule, but now it’s already working automatically.

Tovi then I went for teeth whitening. I’m always wondering how almost every American friend has SUPER-white teeth - and that’s where the Gloss staff found a very interesting answer. In the Yankees, smiles and teeth play a big role, and I have heard a few people mention that they immediately recognize Europeans by their teeth. Everyone is allowed to form their own view of this, of course, but I personally like that the teeth are milled and white. But such paper-white teeth are not made in Finland. In the Yankees, people whiten their teeth at a much faster pace and with harder substances, which can then lead to other challenges. It was done for me chlorophyll-containing power bleachu, which is the latest bleaching method of all. A bleaching agent containing chlorophyll (leaf green) is used in teeth whitening, and the treatment is intensified with medical laser light developed for chlorophyll whitening.

So this bleach does not become Yankee-type bleaching, but still whiter than average. This chlorophyll bleaching also causes less sensitivity to the teeth. Of course, the tone of the dentin is taken into account in the treatment and the teeth are treated at least 3 times.

After whitening, the teeth are treated with a protective varnish and there is no need to wait more than 2 hours to be able to eat and drink as before! Even coffee can be drunk. And you get aftercare products and instructions included.

Soon the days get longer and the raw spring light (in summer and autumn the light is warmer, in spring bluer) reveals mercilessly everything, including its smile and teeth.

Keep smiling! ??

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